Next Year’s ASB Officers Elected


photo by Benjamin Viveros

Next year’s officers include Aidan Houston (top left), Hailey Kim (top right), Sara Shigekawa (bottom left), and Camille Ilar (bottom right).

by Benjamin Viveros, Staff Writer

The Cypress High School 2023-2024 ASB leaders have been chosen.

Next year’s ASB president will be Aidan Houston. The president leads ASB weekly financial meetings, organizes and schedules CHS registration volunteer hours, and coordinates, writes and compiles all announcements for ASB events and activities to name a few. Houston says, “As ASB president, I plan on increasing student participation and students supporting each other.” He also adds, “It’s going to be a great year, we are hopefully going to make it the best year.”

The 2023-2024 ASB vice president is Hailey Kim. The Vice president is second in command and will serve as ASB president in their absence. The Vice President takes minutes and runs financial meetings in the absence of the secretary or treasurer. They also have unique jobs like overseeing and presiding over class council meetings. 

The new ASB secretary is Sara Shigekawa and the ASB treasurer is Camille Ilar. The ASB secretary mainly focuses on documentation and note taking. They also have to take detailed and comprehensive meeting minutes. The ASB treasurer focuses on the financial side and deals a lot with money. They must provide consistent and accurate financial information. The treasurer must also establish and monitor budgets for assemblies, Formal supplies, etc.

The class presidents are key positions in the ASB office. They help and assist in all ASB events, host and preside in their respective class councils, set up fundraisers for their respective classes, and help be role models for their class to name a few. Next year’s Senior Class President is London Coulter. The Junior Class President is Aimee Bunsirisert. The Sophomore Class president is Nikesh Patel.

This is an exciting lineup for the year 2023-2024 and is sure to be a year full of events and activities.