Centurion Spotlight

2020-2021 Staff

Ramya Sridhar


My name is Ramya Sridhar, and I am the Editor-in-Chief. The two muses of my life have always been literature and music, and I love both equally. I love reading about cults and secret societies throughout the course of history - it’s ...

Ye Ji Jong

Assistant Editor, Opinion Editor, Layout Editor

Hi! I'm Ye Ji Jong. I am the Assistant Editor, Opinion Editor, and Layout Editor for the Centurion Spotlight and currently a Junior at Cypress High. I love writing and watching mukbangs!

Luis Ortiz

Sports Editor

My name is Luis Ortiz, I am the current Sports Editor for the Centurion Spotlight. Journalism has always been a passion of mine for the past two years of my life and I’m excited to continue my job at Cypress High....

Julia Landry

Layout Editor

Hey! My name is Julia and I am a senior at CHS. I joined Journalism because I enjoy writing about music and movies. Two fun facts about me are that I play six instruments and I love watching psychological thriller movies....

Rebecca Choe

Features Editor

Hi, my name is Rebecca. I am a sophomore and the Features/copy editor. My life is always consumed by writing in every shape and form imaginable. I speak through poetry and view the world through journalism. I appreciate how wr...

Ian De Leon

Entertainment Editor

My name is Ian De Leon and I’m the entertainment editor! I signed up for journalism because I really love writing, like every sane person totally does. On my weekends, I’m usually out friends, and if that’s taught me anyth...

Katerina Portela

Student Activities

Hey! I’m Kat and I’m a senior here at Cypress High. This is my first year in journalism and I’m excited to be a part of this team. Something to know about me is that I love to paint and I’m obsessed with horror movies! ...

Jayden Yoon

Marketing Manager

Benjamin Martinez

Co-Business Manager

My name is Benjamin Martinez, I am a senior, and I am currently the Co-Business Manager for the Centurion Spotlight. I joined journalism because I have an interest in writing, and may even pursue it in college....

Monica Badolian

Co-Business Manager

Hi there, my name is Monica Badolian and I’m a Senior. I have a passion for writing, it could be any type of writing; short stories, novellas, poetry, magazines, and journalism of course and I’m a huge hockey fan (Go Ducks!)....

Rizwan Hussain

Staff Writer

Kristy Takacs


I'm Ms. Takacs, Journalism adviser and English teacher. I've been at Cypress High for 22 years and am grateful for the small student staff that has moved our school paper online.

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