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    “Anyone But You” Movie Review

    photo by Photo by Google
    Sydney Sweeny and Ben Powell starring in movie “Anyone But You.”

     “Anyone But You” was released on December 22, 2023. It tells the story of two unlikely individuals who are constantly at odds with each other. Despite their initial dislike, they find themselves thrown together in various situations, leading to unexpected and humorous encounters. As they navigate their differences, they start to realize that there might be more to their connection than meets the eye.


           Sydney Sweeney stars as Bea is a rising star known for her captivating performances. In “Anyone But You,” she brings her unique charm and talent to the role, portraying a character who is spirited, determined, and full of surprises. Sweeney’s ability to convey a range of emotions adds depth to the story and keeps the audience engaged.


           Glen Powell who plays Ben is known for his charismatic presence, complementing Sweeney’s performance in “Anyone But You.” Powell’s natural comedic timing and chemistry with Sweeney create an entertaining dynamic between the two characters. His portrayal of a witty and charming individual adds a layer of humor to the film.


           As a romantic comedy, “Anyone But You” has a mix of lighthearted moments, humorous misunderstandings, and heartfelt interactions. Expect witty banter, awkward situations, and a gradual development of the characters’ relationship as they overcome obstacles and discover their true feelings.


           Alongside Sweeney and Powell, “Anyone But You” features a talented ensemble cast, adding depth and additional comedic moments to the story. Keep an eye out for memorable performances from supporting actors who bring their own unique flair to the film.


             The film starts with a one night stand between leading characters Bea and Ben, which results in a growing hatred between the two of them. Several months after the two are reunited in Australia for a wedding between Bea’s sister and Ben’s childhood friend.


            Upon arriving at the wedding, Bea finds out her parents had invited her ex-boyfriend, Jonathan, to her sister’s wedding. Bea comes up with a plan to fake a relationship with Ben, to get her parents to stop trying to set her up with her Jonathan. Ben agrees to the plan when he realizes that his ex-girlfriend Margret will also be there.


            Throughout the wedding, the two played the role as the perfect happy couple. Though Bea’s father doesn’t seem to fall for it and, with his wife, tries to get Bea back together with Jonathan.


            Although there are some drawbacks to the film where there are some Rated R scenes. “The running time is all flimsy bikinis and flimsier excuses to get people undressed,”  Amy Nicholson wrote in a New York Times article.


            Overall “Anyone But You” takes an acquired taste to fully enjoy. The film is a one to watch if you want a good laugh but be prepared for some major eye rolling moments.

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