Wanda Vision–the Future of the MCU


by Ramya Sridhar, Editor-in-Chief


The last episode of Wandavision, one of Marvel’s newest TV show releases, came out on Disney Plus on March 5th. The highly anticipated TV show didn’t disappoint, delivering a nine-episode season that builds on the characters of the Scarlet Witch and Vision from the original comics. The story combines characters in cameos from several previous movies; Monica Rambeau being Carol’s niece in Captain Marvel; Darcy Lewis being Jane Foster’s assistant from Thor; Jimmy Woo being the officer in Antman and the Wasp. The accumulation of these demi-popular and familiar characters helped the TV show’s ratings quite a lot. Quite famously, it features a cameo of Evan Peters as Quicksilver, which is the same role he plays in Fox’s X-Men franchise, creating a mindblowing crossover that sent fans across the world into a frenzy.


As for any future episodes, there is no guarantee that the series will be renewed for a second season. Most likely, if the second season is ever produced, it will be an instrument to assist the flow of other Marvel storylines. However, we can anticipate seeing these beloved characters in future Marvel movies and shows. We can expect Monica Rambeau to come back in Captain Marvel 2, potentially under the name of Photon, a reference to her mother’s callsign. We can also expect Wanda Maximoff to appear in Doctor Strange, In the Multiverse of Madness, as a potential antihero of some sort, as she is prophesied to destroy the world. Additionally, at the end credit scene of the last episode of Wandavision, we see Wanda astral projecting, and on top of that, Agatha Harkness compares Wanda’s powers to that of the Sorcerer Supreme. These repeated references to Doctor Strange point a clear-cut arrow to the appearance of Wanda in the sequel. 


Several other series are expected to be released in the fourth phase of the MCU; The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which follows the story of two unlikely partners Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in their efforts to unite and protect the world from global threats; Loki, which narrates the events that unfold when Loki obtains the Tesseract during the time travel escapade of Endgame; Ms. Marvel, which’s details have yet to be released; Hawkeye, which introduces a new hero after the events of Endgame. In addition to these shows, there are several anticipated movies that are to be released, including the Black Widow Movie and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Clearly, Marvel isn’t running out of ideas anytime soon!