Flag Football is coming to Cypress High! Are you ready?

by Lauren Kim, Staff Writer

The lady Centurions are getting ready for the new addition that is coming to Cypress athletics and that is… Flag Football! 

Flag Football is a modified version of football in which tackles are avoided and ball carriers are brought down by removing a marker, or flag, that is loosely fastened to a belt. This sport requires speed, reflexes, and your confidence. With Flag football coming up, let’s see what the possible upcoming players and athletic director Russell have to say about flag football.

CHS Athletic Director Coach Jeff Russell, explained that several stages were needed in order for it to work. Flag football was approved by the California State CIF section, and the Southern Section, and the Anaheim Union High School District also has to confirm it and then it is time to prepare for the team and sport. “I think everybody at some point in time has played flag football either in Junior High, or in High School, or in elementary school, and I think that’s why it’s popular . . .but it has the fun portion of playing flag football.” 

Administrators are looking for students who have experience with the sport, how many people are signed up, and whoever has their athletic clearance. There won’t be too many games to start with, since it is fairly new to our school, but the district is planning on games and tournaments for flag football. 

Mr. Russell is so excited for this new sport, and lots of female Centurions have already lined up for next year, including the upcoming freshman. It is a great addition to girl’s sports, and a great opportunity for girls who don’t play a sport currently. 

Cypress is waiting patiently for the new sport to arrive, and Centurions are so thrilled for Flag Football to be a new addition to our athletic program.