Outer Banks Season Three Goes for the Gold


photo by Zoe Chung

“Outer Banks” excites viewers with the iconic Pogues.

by Zoe Chung, Staff Writer

Outer Banks, the popular show, returned to the screen with a third season on February 23, 2023. As the story begins, the camera pans in on Poguelandia, where the Pogues, the teenage friend group of the working class, established their new lives on an unknown island. The group is seen living harmoniously with nature and having fun, free of responsibility. However, it was clear they’d grown to grieve their homeland. When a plane was sighted, the six teens–John B. Routledge, Sarah Cameron, JJ Maybanks, Kiara Carrera, Pope Heyward, and Cleo–rushed to light their signal and were discovered. Unfortunately, the teens discover that the pilot did not find them by a miracle and had been sent by someone, who they later learn is Carlos Singh. After the plane crashes in Barbados, Kiara is kidnapped by Singh.

Meanwhile, Rafe Cameron–Sarah’s brother–discovers a mysterious buyer who is interested in purchasing the cross. He is given an address and sees Kiara at the residence of the buyer, who also turns out to be Singh. The pair is told by Singh that he is in search of a diary. They escape from Singh’s clutches and Kiara finds herself reunited with the rest of the group. Unfortunately, John B. has been separated from his friends due to a lingering feeling that his father was calling for him with church bells. He realizes that this feeling was correct and Big John, his father, has been alive and in hiding this entire time.

The group continues their search for the treasure and get caught up in an even larger-scale treasure hunt for the El Dorado gold. The plot twists and turns and the crew finds disaster at every turn. The newly introduced villain, Carlos Singh, turns out to be far more dangerous and influential than any of the Pogues could’ve possibly imagined. His character lacks the moral complexity displayed by the prior villain, Ward Cameron, but the sappy and angsty lives of the teenagers makes up for it. The Pogues and Cooks continue to have a rivalry and the fourth season is rumored to be a final showdown of the rivalry between the two groups. Many critics enjoyed “Outer Banks” and fans were thrilled over the romance subplot that developed amid the treasure hunt. Overall, “Outer Banks” stays on track with its theme and plot throughout each season and keeps their loyal watchers on their toes.