Gracie Abrams Moves Forward


photo by Zoe Chung

Gracie Abrams expresses her emotions in the music video of “Where do we go now?”

by Zoe Chung, Staff Writer

Gracie Abrams, an American singer and songwriter, revealed that she was going on a North American tour starting from March 7 to April 10. Her tour would consist of her new released song and the album that would follow. The single, named “Where do we go now?,” has already been released on Friday, January 13, 2023. “Where do we go now?” and her awaited album, “Good Riddance.” are significant amongst her works. Good Riddance is Abrams’ attempt to shed her past and leave it behind, and she plans to publish it on February 24, 2023. While working on the album, she expressed her ability to reflect on her actions and walk away from versions of herself she could no longer identify with.

“Where do we go now?” is accompanied by a video and consists of her emotional moments, as she introduces herself to her audience. Her visuals pull the watchers into her world of frustration and vulnerability, her lyrics expressing growth and reflection on a failed relationship. Abrams’ lyrics show her looking back on an experience that ended terribly, leaving her torn. She appears to be developing the mindset that you cannot expect a different ending to the same storyline, yet her feelings betray her as she wishes they could make another attempt. Her emotions are a mix between guilt, regret, confusion, and hope. She begins the song as the victim of a situation, having to feign happiness and comparing herself to her current position, finally healing. Torn by self-pity and regret, she continues to hope that something could bring them back together, even after acknowledging “there’s nothing left here, all our best years are behind.” Although at the beginning, she had a mindset that reflected on all of the bad moments in the relationship, she eventually was betrayed by her emotions that yearned for the past to return.

Gracie Abrams continues to amaze her listeners and supporters with the depth of her lyrics and her addicting melodies. Her journey while working on the single and her upcoming album is one that holds a strong connection to the songs themselves, showing her genuine emotions through her music. As the days remaining before the release of her album continue to decrease, people continue to look forward to hearing her expression as she grows and matures as a person.