The Menu Just Came Out in Theaters and It’s Been Nothing But a Success


photo by Collage by Millie Damasceno

The Menu really keeps viewers on their toes from beginning to end.

by Millie Damasceno, Staff Writer

The horror-comedy film “The Menu” came out in theaters November 18, 2022 and it’s already the talk of social media. As the movie begins, we follow what seems like a normal date to a fancy restaurant; until things take a turn and we uncover the chef who’s lost his purpose and inspiration is out for revenge. With shocking surprises left and right, this movie will sure keep you on the edge of your seat.

Furthermore, there are levels to the guests who are dining at the restaurant during the film. Guests are strategically seated in groups, and as viewers keep watching, it becomes clear the movie is a critique on the wealthy and their careless yet ostentatious lifestyle.

  Overall, this movie exceeds expectations as the events that took place were impossible to predict, and from anger to shock to sheer confusion, it’s sure to keep you entertained for the 1 hour and 47 minutes of its duration.