Puss in Boots “The Last Wish”


The newest Puss In Boots movie keeps the tradition of cuteness. Photo Credit: Carly Pedroza

by Nicolas Vega, Staff Writer

The newest version of Puss In Boots keeps the traditional talking animals and cuteness. But this version includes a new villain or protagonist that was thought to be a bounty hunter, turning out to be Death himself. Puss In Boots also includes lessons about sacrifices to help those you love, not living in the past, and focusing on what you have now. 

Puss in Boots scored 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, which was better than any movie that was out at the moment. Here is what CHS students and staff had to say:


Nicholas Hernandez said that he felt like the movie was displayed as a lesson on how to face your fears and be grateful for what you have now. He also says that he thinks Puss went through ups and downs throughout the movie and was able to accept it. His favorite part was when Puss met the dog dressed as a cat. He thinks people should watch this movie because it has many interesting parts/scenes.


Maryam Almachal likes the meaning of the movie because it shows that you have to take some sacrifices in your life. She thinks that Puss had a lot more growth in the movie because his whole goal was to get a wish and destroy it for his friends. Her favorite part is when Puss and Kitty reconnect for the first time in the movie. She believes people should watch this movie because it was good and it had a cute meaning. 


Mrs. Fenton (Dance Teacher) loved the fact that everyone in the movie was able to express themselves and unite. She thinks that Puss had the most growth in the movie because at first he was so full of himself and put himself in front of others. However, in the end, he sacrificed everything for his friends. Her favorite part was when Puss, Kitty, and Perro were making cute eyes and when Perro tried, his eyes started popping out. This is a movie to watch because she describes it as a movie with lots of singing and dancing, a positive message, and appropriate for all ages. 


Even though it is Dreamworks animation, the film is appropriate for all ages. It can be an exciting movie for adults, and a life lesson for kids. This shows them that there is more to life than just what you want to do, and should start thinking about everyone else around as well.