Best Buddies Host Another Successful Holiday Party


photo by Ms. Leal

Best Buddies Thursday Dec. 8 Meeting

by Kylie Madrid and Jonathon Rice

Best Buddies’s December 8th holiday party in the Media Center breathed some holiday spirit into an overworked Cypress High.


This year’s holiday party isn’t the club’s first, and they hold events around the holidays to promote the club and meet new people. Pizza, hot chocolate, and cookies were provided free of charge to all guests. Best Buddies events generally have a movie playing in the background, but viewing is optional and some attendants will talk quietly through it, giving students an opportunity to socialize. This year, the club voted for a movie to watch and decided on Polar Express.


Best Buddies kids were responsible for a large chunk of the party organization, and there were approximately 35 kids in attendance. Everything was free, and ugly sweaters were encouraged.


When asked what their favorite part of the party was, David Chun, the club’s president, and Ms. Whiting, the club’s adviser, had similar responses: “My favorite part of the party was seeing everyone working together, decorating cookies, being creative, and then hanging out with each other.” Chun said that his favorite part of the holiday was making hot chocolate with Justin, one of the buddies. “He was the best part of the party, making everyone laugh and have an amazing time!”


Best Buddies holds meetings every Thursday on the field (behind the 100 building). If you’d like to become a member or stop by from time to time you are free to do it at any point in the year. The president confirmed that there will be more parties in the future, so be on the lookout for future Best Buddies events!