SUMMER ’22 MOVIE ROUNDUP!                                     


2022 Summer Movies

by Juliana Dubois, Staff Writer


    This summer gave people a chance to relieve themselves from everyone’s “pandemic summer” last year. This year, all the popular movies in production that were set to be released last year, were finally in theaters, for your entertainment!  

The first movie that hit theaters as a summer 22 release was “Top Gun Maverick,” released May 27th. Starring Tom Cruise and Miles Teller, along with co-star John Hamm. A reboot of the 80’s box office classicTop Gun.” Tom Cruise, who plays Maverick, a Navy Aviator is asked to train a group of Navy graduates to complete a set of tasks regarding a future mission. With only three weeks to train them, he must make sure they know how to execute all the courses perfectly , while given just three minutes before being hit with a missile.

The action-packed family favorite has had everyone fascinated with how each character is portrayed throughout the film. Freshman Jonathan Rice said, “The variations of aircrafts added to the overall thrill of the movie.’’ Sophomore Hannah Moreau highly recommends the movie as it shows, “team work and the decisions you make disciplining the people you love.’’  Sophomore Leah Rivera said that action movies were not her favorite, but “Top Gun” was an exception because of how dynamic the team acted together. 

Freshman Farah Aqmal recommends “Buzz Lightyear” because it “showed a theme of determination and gratitude throughout the film.”  Sophomore Bailey Hammerle begs to differ, arguing the the film documentary “Elvis,” starring Austin Butler was more intriguing, claiming the actor portrayed the character well and was good at singing.

All of these summer films were highly recommended by Cypress students.