Clubs “Rushing” To Recruit New Members


by Alex McDevitt, Distribution Chief

 Club Rush happened to open the school year on August 30th – September 1st in the Cypress quad.   At Club Rush, students can join a club, make new friends, and do fun activities. There are so many clubs to choose from and new things to learn from them as well.

CSF meets every other Tuesday at lunch. (photo by Alexandra McDevitt)

Club Rush allows people to join clubs to do activities and lets the students know what clubs are available on campus. Kiera Desai the president of the Cypress Media Marketing club and Hailey Kim from Senior Citizens Association (SCA) said that the important part about their clubs  is hanging out with friends while also getting your volunteer hours in.

Who knows how the friends you make or what you do in the club can help you later in life?  Joining a club at Cypress helps students make friends and trying new things they might never have tried.

The ASL Club President is Amanda Guthrie. (photo by Alexandra McDevitt)


Mr. Cobleigh, assistant ASB director, believes that Club Rush is important because it’s a way for as many students as possible to get involved. It’s a fun event to show off as many clubs as possible, so all students can find one they like and invite friends to join it too. ASB helps the clubs out by setting up the tables for them to make their booths. Cobleigh said that the only hard part about preparing for Club Rush would be “getting the students to file the necessary paperwork” to become a club. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it.

 The more clubs we have, the more students will be able to find one they like and join. Having students making new friends and learn new things will allow them to do well in school, and that is the best part of Club Rush.