Centurions Got Roaring at Prom!


photo by Ye

Centurions stylishly dressed in 1920’s fashion for prom!

by Ye Ji Jong, Editor-In-Chief

Cypress Centurions had a blast at Roaring 20’s themed Prom Dance on April 23, 2022. Prom is arguably one of the most important events, especially for seniors, who excitedly showed up at the Anaheim Hills Golf Course dressed to impress! On par with the theme of the 1920s, events such as poker and pool were offered for Centurions to enjoy, while photobooths printed vintage black and white photos. Students dressed in 1920’s fashion, which was the cherry on top of the extravagant event!

Senior Kiersten Canero stated, “Prom was really fun! I enjoyed spending time with my friends before we all graduate. This event meant a lot to me because it’s the last school dance I’ll have with all my friends.” 

Senior Chanell Ilar said, “Prom was a really unforgettable night! Seeing everyone dressed up and having fun for our first last prom was a really bittersweet moment. Also, Prom was literally a fashion show. Met Gala 2.0.” 

Most importantly, ASB worked tirelessly for the past months to ensure that every Centurion had a memorable prom. 

ASB President Joseph Hannifin stated, “Prom planning was pretty smooth. It definitely could have run smoother but it was just weird coming back from an online platform. But it definitely went well. For this year, setting a date was pretty difficult and finding other ways to entertain besides dancing, especially with the difficulty finding a vendor due to Covid shutting down a lot of businesses, was hard. But the best part of planning prom, like every other event, was getting to go enjoy the event and see everyone also having fun that we planned for so long.” 

Prom was very special for many senior ASB members. Hannifin also mentioned, “It was really cool because we’ve been part of planning it, but actually getting to go made it even more special.” 

Prom really was a night to remember for many Centurions and we can give a special thanks to ASB for their hard work!