Winter Formal Postponed!


photo by Anna Nguyen

Winter Formal promotional posters have been updated with the new date.

by Anna Nguyen, Staff Writer

To comply with the recent increase in COVID-19 cases and new state guidelines, Winter Formal was postponed from January 15th to February 26th.

This decision was made in partnership with the Disneyland Hotel, the location host of Winter Formal, to give ample time for us to comply with the new event guidelines. The seven week postponement was not an easy decision, but it is a hopeful one to give our students and faculty a chance to return to a healthier situation. Dr. Hodgson feels strongly that “it is the right call,” as reported in an email sent to our student body. 

Joey Hannifin, ABS President, reported that, “We’re hoping we won’t have to cancel Formal and that by postponing it, the current circumstances will lessen and we’ll get back to the party.” ASB is very fortunate to be working alongside Disneyland Hotel to come up with the best game plan to keep all our students safe. Maleena Duhnna, ASB Officer, says “Student’s safety is ASB’s main concern.” With this statement in mind, Cypress should trust our ASB and the hotel and use this extra time to be better prepared and healthier to attend our highly anticipated dance. 

As positive cases lessen in our community, and as we listen to the updated guidelines, the chance of Winter Formal occurring seems very possible and likely. Dr. Hogdson and other school faculty are still in close communication with Disneyland Hotel and will continue updating Cypress students on any Winter Formal updates. Be sure to keep a lookout on any announcements from Dr. Hogdson during this waiting period, but as of now, the dance is still green lit for February 26th, 2022.