The Achieving Alpha Helps Students In Need

Achieving Alphas president is a Cypress junior.

Achieving Alpha’s president is a Cypress junior.

by Anish Ashokkumar, Staff Reporter

Achieving Alpha, an organization that helps students who need volunteer hours, is giving students a chance to learn different skills, such as getting leadership positions. The president of the Organization, junior Nithiyashree Moorthi, says, “my main goal is to give back to the community.”  

This summer, they offered workshops that taught seniors how to use technology. There were also younger students who were able to get academic help and “find their true potential.”  During the Covid pandemic, they were able to connect with many people.  Most of the meetings are online, as well as the workshops; in-person meetings are optional. The Adviser is Moorthi’s mother and the organization is not affiliated with Cypress High. 

The organization helps students improve their chances of getting leadership positions in clubs, etc. It also helps students find different opportunities. This is a non-profit organization and no one is charged anything, which is really helpful for students in need of volunteer hours or better opportunities. 

To join Achieving Alpha, you must email the club at [email protected] .