Virtual Volleyball Moms


by Monica Badolian, Co-Business Manager

For parents with kids who are involved with a wide range of sports, going to each game may be important to them. With the coronavirus still creating an impact, parents can no longer watch their children play live. But technology has been advancing more and more every day, so many schools have found ways for parents to watch their kids play virtually.
As streaming video use becomes more widespread, more parents are utilizing the technology to attend their children’s games because they are unable to safely attend in person. This helps parents so that they can still be there for their kids, and it also helps the kids so that they know that they have the support from their parents. Still, some parents are unhappy because they physically can’t be there for their children. Susan Fried, a mother of three children, thinks differently, “At first, I didn’t like being told that I couldn’t go to watch my son play volleyball in person due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, I have found to enjoy watching him play on TV. I feel like he is a professional athlete and I am getting to watch him play in some great athletic event. In addition, I love it because I can yell at the screen and tell all his teammates and him all the things I “feel” they are doing wrong and no one, but those in my house watching with me, can hear my critiques of how the team is playing.”
Many would agree with Fried regarding yelling in your own home. But if parents had the option to see their kids play in person during this time, would they go? Fried says she’s been able to watch her son and daughter play sports all over Southern California, “If I had the option…100 percent I would be there for every single game and every single point. I do hate having to miss my kids playing in person.”
Even though many sports got canceled, some schools were still able to find ways for students to play and for their parents to watch. It may not be how one wishes to see their child play, but most can agree that it’s always better than nothing. It may be hard for some students to play with a mask on and have that pressure while playing, but the pressure may ease once they know that their parents are watching them from their screens.