Saldana’s Swimmers Swim Towards Greatness

Girls Win League Finals


Girl’s Varsity wins League Finals (Photo: Julie Dubois)

by Brianna Naranjo, Features Editor

This year, the Cypress swim teams are stronger than ever. Both the girls and boys have had a great season and made the Cypress community proud. This year, both teams had people filled with lots of talent and they put in the hard work to swim the best they could. 

The swim coach, Reilhe Saldana, said the change that they have made is impressive and she feels “really proud of what they have been able to do and what they’re going to do.” Her favorite part of coaching is definitely seeing how much students have progressed from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. She feels that every year the coaching techniques vary, because some students may need more discipline than others, or some may need to learn to love the sport again. Coach Saldana has done an amazing job leading her teams this year and has not disappointed for her fourth year of coaching. 

One crucial part that keeps the swim team going is the support that they receive from their friends and family. This is their main factor of motivation that keeps them swimming and encourages them to win. Before every meet, they prepare to take home a win by listening to music, taking a nap, and/or making sure they eat a healthy meal. According to some students, the best part of swimming is the relaxation that comes with it, their teammates, and/or the feeling of the water. Julien Templanza, sophomore, said that “the euphoria of winning and the people” are the best part of swimming. 

The swim team that has made Cypress proud was the Girls varsity swim team. They have done an exceptional job this season by winning the league title this year and will be continuing to CIF Prelims. Junior varsity member, Kaela Octavio says, “Winning League Finals was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, being around the people, all the cheering, the adrenaline of rooting for your friends has been one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of.”

This was an impressive accomplishment and a great way to leave their mark. The boys varsity swim team also did a great job this season by placing 4th in league this year. Everyone is very proud of their accomplishments and hopefully next year they will be back and better than ever.