Welcome To Cypress High Mrs. Campos!


Mrs. Campos is the latest new administrator at CHS this year.

by Millie Damasceno, Staff Reporter

There’s a new assistant principal substitute on campus, and she’s been actively productive and helpful throughout our school days and events. When asked how she likes working at Cypress High so far, she said “it’s been great, the students are respectful and the staff has been great and very welcoming.”

An issue she didn’t know she’d encounter here at Cypress is the amount of littering on campus. “I get a lot of students complaining about birds doing their business on them, but they don’t seem to realize the birds are only here because of the trash people throw on the ground.”

 Calling students out when they break the rules is part of being an assistant principal. Luckily, students have not been giving her trouble. “Most students have been really understanding when I call them out for beanies, hats and dress code violations,” Campos said.

Lastly, it’s important to make sure Mrs. Campos has a welcoming experience while she’s subbing here at Cypress, and to be on our best behavior as a community.