Girls Soccer 2nd in Empire League, Progressing to CIFs


photo by Cypress Yearbook

Cypress fights a hard battle in their game against Valencia.

by Anelina Alegre, Editor-in-Chief

In this spring season of sports, Cypress’s Girls’ Varsity soccer team is ready to bring victory and pride to the Cypress name. 

On January 23rd, the girls opened their season with a  4-1 win over Valencia. On January 25th, they celebrated a victory against Kennedy, winning 6-1 with goals by Ava Huisinga, Kayleigh Works, Rosa Cho Addison Osborne, Olivia Veloz, and Giselle Orozco. They also won their away game against Tustin 3-1 on February 1st.

The team’s record this year was 7-2-1, putting Cypress in second place for Empire League. 

Senior and varsity captain Alexandra Torres is proud of her team for winning their very first tournament together at the season’s beginning. “I am tremendously proud of how well we did and how hard we worked to maintain the number 2 spot,” Torres says. “I feel like it really sparked the team’s chemistry along with confidence in the way we play.”

In a Cypress Sports Weekly interview, varsity captain Kayleigh Works says that her best leadership quality is lifting up other players because she knows it’s easy to get down on yourself for making a mistake on the field. “It’s just important to me to make sure that my teammates know that it’s not the end of the world,” she says. “As long as you learn from it then that’s all that matters.”

On February 8, the girls played their first CIF round at an away game in West Torrance. The final score ended as 0-0, with Cypress losing 5-4 in penalty kicks. Cypress wishes them luck as they continue their journey in CIFs!