A Collection of Optimistic Answers by Cypress Teachers and Students

While most of us won’t affect change on a broad scale, it’s the “small” everyday actions that count towards something greater.


What would you do if you could change the world?

by Kylie Madrid, Staff Writer

What would you do if you could change the world?

This is what a handful of Cypress High students and teachers had to say:


“Some of the biggest issues in the world are political issues, so I think that’d be my answer. It’s mostly political unrest and higher ups of countries not doing what they’re supposed to be. It’s one of the reasons for poverty.”

Interviewer: So you would make politicians care more about the people they’re governing?


– Kaitlyn Manntai


“If I could change the world, I would make people think before they speak, because a lot of people tend to speak without actually thinking and that causes pain for a lot of people.”

– Fizz Aguayo


“If I could change the world, I would want to make it so that people could not lie in court. It shouldn’t be that whoever creates the best story gets off, far more justice would be served if no one could lie.”

– Shahed Alsafar


“I think I’d make people treat each other equally and with respect. People not being racist or sexist to each other, just treating everyone okay and not looking down on them for who they are.”

– Eric Arevalo


“I chose this job because I wanted people to realize how beautiful math can be, and how it can help simplify your life if you look at things in a more logical and organized manner. I wanted to bring that passion alive and hopefully help other people realize that. That was my contribution, that’s why I chose to do this job. At the same time, I don’t just teach math, I teach life skills, and I try to help people become better along the way. If I were able to make any difference in the world, I would try to make everyone more respectful, understanding, and empathetic towards each other. I feel like if we could understand a little bit more of what everybody’s story is and where everyone’s coming from, we’d realize that everybody has a story and things that they’ve survived, I think that we’d have a lot of different experiences.”

– Ms. Espinoza


“Stop world hunger. People starve a lot, and they don’t have food to eat.”

– Peter Gondaet


“I’d instill more respect for people, so they’d not be so quick to spurn differences and different viewpoints on topics. Definitely try to get people to be more open minded and more open to the idea that they could be wrong. I think we’re naturally opposed to that which opposes us. Nobody likes to be proved wrong, but eventually it will happen. You just kind of have to accept that. That sometimes you are wrong, and you’re not always going to be in the right. I think the respect aspect is what makes you change, be able to grow, and see that there’s other sides to whatever you’re looking at.”

– Steven Martinez


“More open mental health facilities. I’ve found that it’s kinda hard if you have to go super far just to get to a therapist.

– Lynne Vargeson


“I believe that I am already changing the world and am doing what I can to both help students learn about history (and now psychology) but also give them safe, positive experiences, allowing them to develop as people and students both interpersonally, socially/emotionally, and academically. But also, I recycle! One of my cars is a hybrid so I’m trying to use less fuel. And I’m trying to spread kindness.”

– Mr. Herrick


“More week days where there’s no school.”

– Aidan Yim