Cypress Students Love Their Animal Companions


Furry companions from the home of ninth grader Hailey Ji Soo enjoy plenty of cozy moments.

by Emily Galvan, Staff Writer

A lot of people say that having a pet has a positive impact on mental health. Many people become gloomy once the winter season rolls in, and having a pet can raise self esteem and mood. This posed a question of what kind of pets the students own and which ones were the most popular, so a survey of pet owners was conducted during the third period at Cypress High School. The survey showed that the ones that came in first place made up 70% of the sampled group. This group owned dogs. The other percentage consisted of cat owners, which made up 10% of the group, bunny owners, which made up another 10%, and gecko/fish owners. The gecko/fish owners made up the final 10% of the group.

The amount of pet owners that had multiple pets seemed to be under the number of people that owned single pets. Sixty percent of the group who submitted the survey had one pet, while 40% owned multiple. 

A second component of the survey asked what animal the group preferred, regardless of having a pet or not, and the highest number were dogs, which took up 48% of the total. Cats took second place with 18%,while birds, bunnies, and guinea pigs tied at about 10% each.

In conclusion, within the group that answered the survey, the most popular pets are dogs. The link to the survey are as follows: