Centurion Spotlight Staff Rates Cafeteria Food


photo by Brianna Naranjo

Freshman Jayden Kay Linayao feasts on the cafeteria’s delicious orange chicken.

by Brianna Naranjo, Features Editor

Have you ever wondered about the school lunch and have second thoughts about what to get? The Centurion Spotlight staff has come to the rescue and provided you with the top five lunch options, so that you will never have to second guess again.

In fifth place, there is a delicious nutrition pack. This pack contains small tortilla chips along with some hummus to dip them in. It also comes with some vegetables and fruit. Some of the nutrition packs even come with other snack options such as Cheez-Its. This is a great option if you want a good meal that will not only leave you with a full stomach, but it will also give you a wide variety of food options. In other words, you’d get the best of both worlds. 

Sophomore Lauren Kim tries out the cheese filled pillows. (photo by Brianna Naranjo)

In fourth place, there is a very tasty burrito that contains cheese and meat. It was very good and one of our Centurion Spotlight Staff member’s enjoyed tasting it. It is a great option whenever you want a boost of protein along with something that will turn your frown upside down. 

In third place, there is the orange chicken with rice. Many of our Centurion Spotlight Staff members enjoyed this small and tasty meal. The chicken was soft and it is perfect for those who don’t like spicy foods but enjoy the sweet flavor that orange chicken provides. It made for a great combination with the rice and is definitely recommended if you are a fan of chicken.

In second place, there is a cheese filled pillow and it even came with a small tomato dip. It was kind of like a small pizza. It was very good and a favorite among the Centurion Spotlight Staff members. It is specifically recommended when you are in the mood of pizza, but want a smaller, cheesier version.

Damien Kruger enjoyed the fresh fruit. (photo by Brianna Naranjo)

In first place, there are corn dogs. These were so good that even the most esteemed member of the Centurion Spotlight staff, Ms. Takacs, loved it. Many staff members had the opportunity to taste this lunch item and were not disappointed with the results. This is perfect when you are in the mood for a lighter lunch option. 

Apart from these lunch items, the cafeteria also provides students with fresh fruit such as apples, tangerines, and grapes. They even have vegetable options such as carrots and celery. But what is all of this food without something to drink? The cafeteria also has you covered. They have regular milk, chocolate milk, lactose-free milk, apple juice, berry juice, and orange juice. Hopefully now whenever you enter the cafeteria you will have something to looks forward to eating during your lunch.