Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Family, Friends, and Loved Ones!


photo by Emily Galvan

Inexpensive Christmas gifts can still be meaningful.

by Emily Galvan and Juliana Dubois


Christmas is right around the corner, and so is the nearest store to get a nice thoughtful gift! Here is a list of gift ideas to give to your family, friends and loved ones at a cheap cost. 

Candy Basket Gift: A colorful and sweet arrangement of chocolates and candies put in a bag sealed with a bow is a sweet gift to give your friend who has a sweet tooth. Any and all candies you wish to use can be found at a gas station, dollar tree, or even the drug store. 

-Hot Coco Bombs: A container with a few hot chocolate packets, and a nice mug would go perfect for the holiday season as a gift, family members would greatly appreciate it.

-Hand Baked Goods: A tasty handmade treat sealed with a ribbon would be a tasty gift to give to any friend on the go. Cake mixture and cookie dough can be found in any store near you as well as miniature ribbons. You can make dozens at a time and store them in a bag. 

Box of Chocolates: A simple gift that can be given to anyone is an arrangement or sorted box of chocolates, any brand of chocolate can be used for this gift. Ferrero Rocher, Nestle, Godiva, and Hersheys.



A few knick-knacks that you can give to your friends are squishmallows, bracelets, teddy bears, elf on the shelf, spin-tops, magnifying glasses, cute little porcelain cups, staplers, pendants, keychains, pouches, scented candles, teacup saucers, etc.



Here are some Christmas gift ideas regarding clothing your friends or family members would enjoy wearing. 

-Matching Christmas Sweaters: A matching garment for you and your friend would be a perfect gift and to get into the holiday spirit with your friend! You can find holiday sweater attire at your nearest Walmart or Costco, for as low as 10 to 15 dollars. 

-Christmas Socks: Gifting socks as a Christmas gift is a holiday tradition, but gifting matching or personalized socks to a friend or family member is a fresh twist on an old gift. Shopping at 5 Below, or even Walgreens, the fun and crazy colored socks are abundant.



Good items to give to your artistic friends would be a marker kit for coloring, or any creative activity. A drawing pad with a nice cover would be good too. Covers for notebooks aligning with your friend’s preferred style with a button to snap it open and shut with a tassel is sure to be appreciated. Add some stickers along with the gift and you’re good to go! For the people that are more into creating things, try: 

-String/Yarn/Twine/Tags, for the people who like making decorations.

-Fabric & clothing patterns, for those who like sewing and designing.

-Beads/Decorative jars/Wax

-Fountain pens/Washi tape/Cute sticky notes/Gel pens/White pens/Aged paper/ Stamps/Stickers/Origami paper, for the scrapbookers and the writers.

-Paints/Canvas/Paint brushes