What Are You Doing For The Holidays?


photo by Nicolas Vega

Brooklyn Burton plans to travel to Arizona.

by Nicolas Vega, Staff Writer

With Winter Break on its way we have people planning to go to a nice place for a peaceful holiday or to visit family. While you’re getting ready to go on your vacation for the holidays, do you ever wonder what others are doing for their break? Here are the plans of some Centurions this season:


Ibrahim Alharbi plans on staying at home and spending Christmas here. He also plans on having a big dinner with his family on Christmas Eve. He thinks that this Christmas is going to be a lot more joyful, because he can actually hang out with his friends and family now that Covid infection rates have dropped.


Ahmed Elghazaly plans on going to Las Vegas with his cousins to spend time with his family. He said that when he gets there, he’s going to visit all of the monuments. He also says that last year, Covid made Christmas boring, because you couldn’t go outside. But now he’ll be able to go out with his family/cousins.


Campus Safety Aide Lisa Martinez’s family is going to come from Palm Springs, CA. She plans to have a big dinner with her family on Christmas Eve, and will be eating tamales, pozole, and champurrado with sweet bread. Now that we aren’t in the Covid era, she says, we can socialize.


Joy Haj plans on staying in town for a little while to spend time with his family, go out with his girlfriend, and play basketball with his friends. He plans to go to Disneyland in Orlando, FL with his family. He is thrilled that we can now go out, travel, and actually socialize.


Campus Safety Aide Carlos Garcia doesn’t plan on going out of town, but used to go to Mexico for Christmas every year. This year he plans to stay home and have some quality time with his family. He says that without Covid he can be with his family again without a worry of getting sick.


Ezra Martinez is going to New York with his family. One thing he’s looking forward to is visiting Times Square. Without Covid he won’t have to wear a mask, which makes it easier to socialize and more places will be open to visit.

Brooklyn Burton is going to visit her family in Arizona after Christmas, and will be there for New Year’s. One thing she always looks forward to is going to the desert and shooting targets. She says now that Covid is harmless, she is able to see family and socialize more.