Science Department Chair Mrs. Brunet Still Lovin’ Cypress After Nearly 30 Years Of Teaching


Mr. Brunet has been teaching at Cypress for almost thirty year.

by Nicolas Vega, Staff Writer

Patricia Brunet is a chemistry teacher who has been here at Cypress High School for 27 years. Before she worked at Cypress High School she taught at Bishop Amat, a Catholic school in La Puente.

She says that even though she’s been here for over 20 years she can keep going for another five years. After 27 years of teaching thousands of students, she has favored multiple students who have stayed in touch with her but only three students stand out to her: her two sons Nick and Danny Brunet and Margaret Kim who teaches here today and shares a classroom with her.

One thing that she has always loved about this school is how the students interact with the special needs kids and how they’ve always been respectful and kind to them. Her husband also worked here and helped with the special needs kids and says that he loved them.

But things have changed ever since she started working here. Everything was different because she had no computer, she used an overhead projector, some teachers still had chalkboards, and none of the students had cell phones. Just because students had no phones didn’t mean they couldn’t cause trouble though.

Once in a lab a student was holding a piece of glass and it broke in his hand and stabbed him in the wrist. Another time, a fire was started in a trash can. Even after all that, she still loves it here.

One of her favorite parts of being a teacher, as well as the department chair, is working with her Science department because they are all like one big family and they all make each other laugh.