Ms. Tanara Helping Students Lose Math Anxiety


photo by Damian Kruger

Ms. Tanara is already enjoying teaching at Cypress.

by Damian Kruger, Copy Editor

Ms. Lily Tanara is one of our newest teachers at Cypress High School. Tanara teaches Integrated Math 2 and Precalculus with a mixture of sophomores, juniors and seniors. She came to Cypress High School because she likes working with older kids, and younger kids “aren’t [her] thing.”

Tanara, who attended Cal Poly Pomona, likes teaching math because she likes helping people relearn. “Math is usually a subject that people shy away from,” she said,  “so,  I like to help people get more comfortable with it and lose the math anxiety.” Tanara also struggled with math, so that’s why she wants to teach it and help people better understand. 

Tanara added,” Being a new teacher or new in general is always hard.” She is thankful that everyone has been super helpful to her. Tanara shared that ever since she came to Cypress in January, she loves being at Cypress. From the kids, staff, and everyone included in the community, she is happy to be a part of it.