Track Team Races to League Championships


photo by Kiera Groen

“We had a few people qualify for CIF finals and won league championships.” – Senior Justin Singer

by Deborah Son, Staff Reporter

Cypress High School’s track team is wrapping up their season with a victory and satisfied runners.

McCovey Brett Ray Charles Sidney Jackson is on the frosh track team at Cypress High School. His biggest accomplishment is running one mile in 5:04 as well as achieving 9th place at prelims. Something that he wants to work on is getting faster and he is planning to do that by getting out to practice more.

Kiera Groen is on the varsity track team at Cypress High School. Her favorite part of track was the hype after the team won the league finals. During the race, everyone cheered each other on and said encouraging words to one another. Something that she is proud of is that she got 6:10 for her mile and 2:44 for her 800-meter run. She is planning to attend the summer cross country camp to push herself to do better next year.

Hector Castellanos is on frosh at Cypress High School and his main event is sprinting and short distances. His fastest time for his 100 meters is 11.56 and his 200-meter race is 24.05 seconds. His advice to future runners is, “Practice comes improvement, improvement comes from experience.”

Megan Na is on the frosh track team at Cypress High School, doing long-distance running. Her main events are the 800 meters and the mile run, making it into the League Prelims. Even though it gets tiring, she remembers that it is only a few minutes of her life and pushes through. Megan’s motivation is her mom because she goes through challenges and supports her the whole way. Being part of the team has helped her “stay consistent and don’t give up.”

Jibin Joseph is on the frosh team at Cypress High School and he made the 1600-meter race in 5:55 his goal for next year is to get 5:30. His advice to future runners is “never stop and keep going, don’t look back.” Even though sometimes he doesn’t want to run, his friends and family help him along the way. Running helps him get rid of his stress and feel comfortable.

The runners practice every day and still continue to push themselves after their season to become better.