Cypress High’s Boys Volleyball Team


photo by cypress boys volleyball instagram

The Cypress High’s boys volleyball team closes out the season next week against Kennedy.

by Deborah Son, Staff Reporter

Cypress High School’s boys Varsity, JV, and Frosh volleyball teams are practicing hard with a determination to win the games against their rival schools. Their goal is to stay together as a team as they overcome challenges and bring home victory. 

The boy’s frosh volleyball team practices every Monday and Wednesday and has games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Exercises that they do during practice are running laps in the gym, blocking lines, hitting lines, and scrimmages. Before games, the team focuses more on stretching so that they are warmed up. Isaac Kang, a freshman on the boy’s frosh team

Jake Nguyen is a Frosh Boys Volleyball player who believes in a “positive mindset.” (photo by Deborah Son)

said, “Always keep a positive attitude.” Also, Jake Nguyen, a freshman on the boy’s frosh volleyball team, said, “I listen to music to get myself ready.” His role model is his uncle, Thai Nguyen because he was a D1 varsity player and looks up to him. The toughest school that the team thinks is hardest to beat is Kennedy because they are self-disciplined and have good team coordination. Something that Nguyen thinks the team has room to improve on is mainly communication as well as having the sense of urgency to reach for the ball. His advice to future Cypress Volleyball players is to “prepare yourself before any time you step on the court physically, but must most importantly, set a positive mindset and encourage teammates.”

The boy’s JV volleyball team has practice every day other than game days, which are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the beginning, the players start off with a warm up jog around the court and stretch as a warm up. Then, they start passing, rotations, hitting, blocking, and scrimmages. Arthur Hoang, a sophomore JV boys volleyball player said that his role model is his mom because “she always puts in 110%, is hardworking, and teaches me to be the best that I can be.” He thinks that the toughest school to beat was Wilson High School because the players are more experienced as club players and worked very well as a team. His advice to future Cypress High School’s boys volleyball players is to “try your best, don’t give up, and be a team player.”

The boy’s varsity volleyball team practices every day and in the morning before school. Then, they have games every Tuesday and Thursday. During practice, the team does drills and focuses more on legs such as squats, deadlifts, and box jumps. Tyler Degener, a junior on the boy’s varsity volleyball team said that the attitude of the team and momentum is the most important part when on the court. He says that the hardest team to beat this year is Kennedy because they are loud and have a lot of energy to try their hardest. His advice to future boys volleyball players is to “Just do it.” Degener’s role models are college players overseas because it shows what it takes to be at that level.

Cypress High School’s boys varsity volleyball team plays against Foothill at home on Wednesday, February 13. They conclude the regular season with an away game against Kennedy on Monday, April 18. Post season, the team will be continuing to the playoffs on April 26th.