New Year’s Resolutions


Senior Devin Cunningham’s (left) New Year’s Resolution is to be a better friend.

by Adam Hawari, Staff Writer

Mr. Hurtado has tried New Year’s Resolutions before.

The year 2022 is now here and the people of Cypress High are deciding to change up their lifestyles by making new year’s resolutions. Consider this a time to retry or attempt at anything that’s been bugging you or any personal goals. To understand others’ minds and views on their newly made resolutions, we surveyed CHS and asked students and staff about their new year’s resolutions.

Counselors endure many struggles and have a lot of responsibilities every day, so it’s reasonable for them to have their own yearly resolutions. Mr. Osvaldo Hurtado, the freshman counselor said his current new year’s resolutions are to exercise more, and save more money. Hurtado’s plan to achieve these two goals is to have a great diet and to start saving.

Security guard Carlos Garcia said that sticking to your goal is the key.

Just saying these two goals won’t be enough, though.  Despite only achieving a fraction of his goals from last year, Hurtado says that self-discipline would help him to finish them in 2022.

When asked about his new year’s resolutions, security guard, Carlos Garcia, answered he was “getting into the pattern of working out and putting in the work to lose weight.” To actually finish his new year’s resolution he believes that sticking to his goal every day is the key.

Lastly, senior Devin Cunningham said his resolution is “to be a better friend.” To improve himself, Cunningham will remind himself every day to be a better friend.

New Year’s Resolutions give us the satisfaction of finishing something that bothered us before, so we can be happier in the new year.