Cypress High School Welcomes Mrs. Escalante


Mrs. Escalante is talented because she can teach French and Spanish this year. She learned her trade at Cal State Fullerton and UC Irvine.

by Anish Ashokkumar, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Escalante is a new Cypress who teaches French and Spanish. She graduated from Irvine Valley College, California State University Fullerton, and University of California, Irvine   She enjoys designing really unique and fun activities for students to learn.

Mrs. Escalante’s favorite part of teaching is when she makes a connection with the students and has fun with the students. She enjoys it when the students get that “light bulb moment “ and understand the material. Although teaching is fun, she said,  “There are some difficult parts to being a teacher, such as when students are not participating much in the discussion/class.” Still, she is still positive and enjoys working with such a great group of people every day. Outside of school she enjoys baking, especially making pasta.

Her advice for students going to college is to get a minor. “You’re likely going to take miscellaneous classes throughout your time in college because the class you want/need isn’t offered a certain semester, the class is full, etc. Therefore, you might as well set a goal to complete a certain minor to add to your resume/diploma.”

  With her various degrees and knowledge, Mrs. Escalante is definitely going to be influential in the foreign language department.