Orange Out Leads To Victory


photo by Jake Harris

Cypress Centurions show their spirit at the student section. The varsity football team has advanced to CIF semi-finals.

by Jake Harris, Staff Writer

Centurions’ spirits were high at the “orange out” football game on September 4 which ended with Cypress beating Western 40-13! 

Before the game, Coach Rich Feldman stated that the team has been practicing constantly and watching their opponents to prepare for this season. He says as long as his players play as hard as they can and prevent themselves from making silly mistakes, the rest “will take care of itself.” As COVID-19 has been lingering, programs at Cypress have been affected, and a few of the players on the freshmen football team contracted COVID-19, causing one of their games to be cancelled. 

Feldman is doing his best to comply with the required precautions and says,  “Although things are different, they still feel somewhat normal.”

Standouts from this game included quarterback Dylan Eldredge who completed 16 of 27 passes for 275 yards with four touchdown passes and player Matthew Morrell who caught five passes for 125 yards and a touchdown. Additionally, running back Tomas Ramirez rushed for 123 yards and a pair of touchdowns and Trevor Monteleone had two touchdown receptions. Feldman was impressed with his team saying the way our defense pressured Western’s quarterback was key for them winning the game. Centurion’s school spirit was showing in this game as the student section was very vibrant as everyone was decked out in orange and was yelling in joy every time our team scored. The team benefited from staff members who were there to show their support such as Carlos Garcia the security guard leading the cheer saying, “Whose House?” and the audience yelling, “C’S HOUSE!”

Biology teacher Mr. Inman was also there saying he loves coming to the football games because it’s always a fun time. “There’s a lot of energy, excitement, and fun! It’s always a fun time seeing Cypress score!” he exclaimed at the game. 

History teacher Mr. Urquidez says he knew the football team was going to “step it up” this season. He was especially excited at the game since he was a band member in high school and college.

I think the players should enjoy every minute because it’ll be over right before they know it. Make friends with everyone!” Mr. Urquidez stated. 

Hopefully this win will set a precedent for the rest of the season and Centurions will continue to keep up their school spirit. Keep it up Centurions!

Feldman was nominated for the Los Angeles Chargers’ High School Football Coach of the Week.

Chargers stated, “this program recognizes high school football coaches who have made a difference in the lives of the players through leadership, hard work, and a special dedication to their young scholar athletes.”

Feldman says, “this nomination is not an individual thing, but a team honor” and that he is always thankful for all of the help he receives from his assistant coach and the players.