Who Ya Gonna Call? Attendance!

by Jayden Yoon, Staff Writer

Whenever you’re sick, or you can’t attend school, your parents have to call the attendance office. Read our Q & A to learn more about the people on the other end of the line:

Mrs. Saldana is not related to former CHS Asst. Principal Joe Saldana, although she gets asked that a lot.
Mrs. Diulio has been at CHS for 22 years!















Mrs. Saldana

“My name is Renee Saldana. This is my first year as an attendance secretary. I really love working here at Cypress! I am married and have a two-year-old son. I like to paint portraits with oil paint and spend time outdoors with family and friends on the weekends.”

  • What are the biggest differences for the attendance office when it comes to online schooling and in-person schooling?

“Since I am new this year, I have not yet worked in the attendance office during in-person schooling. However, I look forward to having more interaction with students in the Fall when in-person schooling resumes. One thing I hope for when school returns to normal, is that students will be so happy to be back in a regular school environment that they won’t want to take any days off!” 

  • Were there any surprise positives from this crisis? 

“The surprise positive that came out of this crisis for me personally was I got to spend a lot more time with my two-year-old son. I am very grateful for that.”

Mrs. Diulio

“I have worked at Cypress High School for 22 years now.”

  • What is the biggest difference for the attendance office when it comes to online schooling and in-person schooling?

“The biggest difference with on-line schooling and in-person schooling is that we don’t really get to see any students.”

  • Were there any surprise positives from this crisis? 

“Our office is usually very busy with students checking in and out for various reasons.”

Assistant Principal Ms. Surfas knows how important the attendance office is:

“The attendance clerks are absolutely essential.  They are often the first line of information between families and the school when there is something that a student or family needs assistance with.  For example, they are often told first when a student will be absent due to a death in the family or a hospitalization.  That’s important information for admin., counseling and teachers to be aware of so that we can make sure to make accommodations for that student and offer support.  Without our attendance secretaries…I don’t know!  The information gathering that they do would fall to someone else if they weren’t there.”

Whenever you call the attendance office, keep in mind how much of a hard and important job this is.