Vandalism Closes Vending Machines Temporarily


Vending machines are card only now, after they were vandalized.

by Nicolas Vega, Staff Writer

As many Cypress students know, the vending machines near the locker rooms and 400 building were broken and replaced this week. But many wonder how did all this happen? The machines were removed temporarily because there was a trespasser who broke into the school on Saturday, using a blowtorch to break the vending machines apart and steal the money. The tall male was not believed to be a student.  The estimated damages are over $2,000. 

According to Principal Jennifer Brown, this trespasser was believed to have come through the 200 building gate to enter the campus and the district filed a police report on the trespasser. 

The company replaced the vending machines with some that only take credit cards but this does not apply to Apple Pay, limiting the chances of this happening again.