Gas Prices Continue To Fluctuate During the Holiday Season


photo by Deborah Son

The gas station, Arco is the most visited gas station next to Cypress High School and their gas prices are around $4.79.

by Deborah Son, Features Editor

Gas prices in Southern California and just about everywhere have been skyrocketing ever since the beginning of 2021, adding extra expenses for drivers. 

After the recent COVID-19 pandemic and Russia and Ukraine’s war, there has been an increasing demand. The cheapest gas station is 76, with $5.00 a gallon. Inflation has been shown to increase the costs of goods and gasoline in gas stations. After Russia cut its oil to Europe, one response was the increase in gas and electricity prices. 

According to, on October 19, 2022, President Joe Biden released a statement saying, “Earlier this year, because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the price of oil and gas increased dramatically, and I acted decisively at the time. And thanks in part to those actions, the price of our gas has fallen 30 percent from the summer highs. Gas prices are coming down. We’re going to do everything we can to make sure they continue to come down and companies act responsibly so it’s reflected at the pump.” While many Americans argue that President Biden is to blame, there are other factors that come into play because the private companies are not controlled by him. 

Nathan Krampach, a junior at Cypress High School says, “It’s really hard for young people who have a license to be able to drive because of how expensive the gas is. When I get gas, it takes up my whole paycheck, because my work is far from where I live.” Since gas prices are high, some people are not able to afford anything else because it can cost $100 for a full tank. 

Hopefully, the gas prices drop next year because the drivers in Cypress are having a hard time providing for both gas and their necessities.