Bikers and Surfers Hang Ten at HOCO 2022


photo by Deborah Son

The air hockey at the homecoming dance was very popular.

by Deborah Son, Features Editor

The song, “Baby” by Justin Bieber was a big hit at the homecoming dance. (photo by Deborah Son)

The 2022-2023 homecoming dance was called “HANG TEN HOCO,” based on a Disney Channel movie called “Teen Beach Movie” and the theme was Surfers and Bikers. The last day the tickets were on sale was September 30th, and the lines were long during lunch through after school, selling almost 900 tickets. There were a lot of teachers, admin, and staff who attended, including the principal, Mrs. Brown

The theme for the homecoming dance was based on a voting system. Towards the end, it came down to three options Netflix Party (Hollywood), Bubbles (All white), and Teen Beach Movie (Summer). Natalie Stark, the ASB president said, “We chose to do Teen Beach Movie because we thought it was a nostalgic old Disney movie.”

The homecoming dance was from 7 p.m to 10 p.m and required an ID as well as bag checking for safety. There were photo booths, a DJ from a company called “Peg Leg,” ice cream trucks, game stations such as air hockey, and a dance floor. It included chicken sandwiches and an option of a brownie or a cookie from Chick-fil-A. Music was blasted and everyone had a great time dancing and spending time with their friends.

David Chun, the senior ASB president, and Zain Azie, a member of ASB said, “There was a lot of food and decorations, and I liked how the dance was set up. Even if you didn’t dance, it was fun to sit down and talk to your friends.” 

“Life’s always fun with the people you love,” they said.