CSU Will No Longer Require SAT or ACT For Admission


CSU is no longer requiring SAT and ACT

by Anish Ashokkumar, Staff Writer


Last month, on March 23, the Cal State system (CSU), following the lead of the UC system in 2020, discontinued the SAT and ACT admission requirements. They made this decision because some educators felt that test scores were unfair, especially toward low-income or minority students. 

This is a big deal because now that there are no SAT/ACT requirements for CSU, students can get accepted to college mostly just based on the grades they have (obviously they have to be good). 

Since there is no test requirement, students have more options to get into their preferred colleges.  Even if you take the SAT now, it will not show on your transcript.

According to Mrs. Gaston (Cypress High School counselor for Class of 2024) although there is no SAT and ACT required now, students still have to meet the A-G requirements in order to get into CSU and UC schools. SAT/ACT may still be used for placement purposes. It’s the students responsibility to check the universities of their choice. 

Although the SAT and ACT are no longer required for CSU, many private colleges, out-of-state universities/colleges, and NCAA still require SAT, so think carefully before you decide if you will take the test or not. It is always a student’s responsibility to check admission requirements for universities they are interested in.