Cypress Centurions Making Plans For Winter Break!

by Talania Wilson, Staff Reporter

Charniece Walker, a sophomore at CHS is going to Las Vegas to see her family and friends and look for a house. Some of her favorite things about the holidays are eating food, getting gifts, and spending quality time with her family, and not going to school.
Carlos Garcia, CHS security, said that he is looking forward to relaxing with family as well as getting more sleep. One of his favorite things about the holidays is going to his grandma’s house with all of his family. He is looking forward to being with family and watching Christmas movies.


Angelica Estrada, a Cypress Instructional Aide, is looking forward to spending time with family and eating good food. She plans on cleaning and shopping during Christmas break. One of her favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with loved ones, because life goes by so fast and the holidays are a time to spend with your family.
Tasneem Nakhal, a freshman, is excited about winter break because her birthday is coming up and she is going to Las Vegas, and she is looking forward to eating good food.