Cypress Badminton Soars for the Heights


photo by Grace Kim

Varsity players prepare for their game against Gahr.

by Grace Kim, Staff Writer

Cypress Badminton started off the season by crushing Kennedy with an outstanding score of 20-1. With the new spring season, badminton is training hard to make their hard work shine on the court. 

Before going to games, players usually start with dynamic stretches. Then they move to warm-up stretches, such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, butter kicks, and ski jumpers. For footwork, players train their legs to get faster and move around the court. With stronger legs, it is important to practice hitting, which is the crucial part of badminton. In the end, everyone spars and plays games, using everything they learned that day to gain better technique. Hardcore training affects players not only physically, but mentally. Building resilience in oneself is significant for the mentality of a  badminton player. Receiving support from teammates motivates players to do their best.

Izzy Cai, a senior from the Varsity team, feels great having a group to build up together. “I feel like the best part of being in the badminton team is not actually about hitting or doing footwork or exercising––I think the best part of the team is making new connections because you get to socialize with people from all grades.” 

With hardcore training, not only muscles and strength grow, but long-lasting friendships grow inside the team. 

Soohyun Song, the captain of the JV and Varsity team is grateful for the time she gets to spend with her teammates. “I think that our badminton team is not only big on sportsmanship but also has a big sense of family, being so close together. We go out on outings and bondings, being able to grow closer together which many schools don’t.”

Badminton coach, Daniel Byun hopes for the best for the team this season. Byun was also once a badminton player at Cypress and is now back on the courts for his second year of coaching. He said, “After graduating, I wanted to come back, and help out because I really enjoyed badminton as a sport throughout high school, and I just wanted to share something that I have. By helping out, I hope more of our students can go to the Empire League and then make it into CIF by the end of the season.”

With an advantageous start, Cypress badminton players hope to form great bonds, and aspire to be strong throughout their practices and games for their next game with Westminster High School.