UNICEF Club Becomes the Voices of Children Around the World


photo by Grace Kim

UNICEF Club holds meetings every Friday during lunch in Ms. Rubio’s classroom in room 102.

by Grace Kim, Staff Writer

UNICEF Club gathers to play fun games, do fundraisers, talk about important issues that are happening, and search for ways to help.

Hayat Shaikh, the founder and President of the club, finds UNICEF Club very unique.

“We don’t have anything like this at our school. We have clubs like the Red Cross that raise awareness for medical and health conditions around the world, but we don’t have a UNICEF Club that talks specifically about children.” 

Through the club, you could broaden your understanding of the world and people around the world outside of where we live and who we know. 

“It’s a great way to stay active in your community, you also get volunteer hours through our events, and it’s just a great way to make an impact,” says Siya Patel, the Vice President of the club.

UNICEF club is looking forward to becoming world leaders in becoming the voices of young children. Although there are inevitable moments that may feel disastrous in life, it is UNICEF Club’s goal to become the reminder that there is always a helping hand that is glad to help.

Like the recent earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria to pieces, there are many happenings in our world that even we aren’t quite fully aware of. From wars, bombings, and natural disasters, every day there are children in this world who are battling inside a battlefield. UNICEF Club at Cypress High School holds the purpose of raising awareness for humanitarian disasters related to children and providing resources for people on how to help.

Patel explains that being in the club is a reminder that anyone can be a helping hand to the world.

“It’s the fact that you get to update people on what’s going on in the world because a lot of us don’t know what’s going on outside of America. You teach people about what’s going on––you’re more aware of it and you know how to help. It feels like actually making an impact on the world through it.”