Prime Energy Drinks Have Come A Long Way


Different Prime Energy Drink Flavors are available now!

by Nicolas Vega, Staff Writer

Prime, made by KSI and Logan Paul, has come a long way since they started their company. It first started off with just an ordinary drink as Prime but as it expanded, it expanded its drink as well. They not only have energy drinks they also have hydration drinks. They are a well-known company that strives to get more attention and customers. 

The newly released Prime energy drinks contain 200mg of Caffeine, zero sugar, 300mg of Electrolytes, and it is vegan-friendly. It has multiple flavors: Strawberry Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Orange Mango, and Lemon Lime. Prime’s goal as a company is to keep people hydrated and energetic in a healthy manner. But how do we know that this drink has all of the ingredients it advertises? 

A survey was made to see the people’s opinion on the drink and what it portrays. Most people say that the drink does energize them while staying healthy. The most enjoyed drink was Lemon Lime, and right behind it was Blue Raspberry. Overall people thought the drink was good and refreshing. Most people said they would get another drink for themselves and would maybe even recommend it to a friend.