Boy’s Basketball 2nd in Empire League


by Reid Hulst, Staff Writer

Cypress boy’s basketball season has earned them a 4-1 record in Empire League with an overall record of 12-11, split relatively equally between wins and losses. They are currently tied 2-2 at home, up 6-5 away, and tied 4-4 at neutral locations.

Their latest game was last Friday, Jan. 25 against Edison, which ended in a loss of 48-40. Cypress is currently second in the Empire League with a win loss ratio of 0.522 following the latest game. Cypress has regained some vigor over the past few competitions, boosting their away record to a winning ratio.

 This season has been filled with ups and downs with plenty of adversity. When asked about the challenges of the season, Senior Kason White said, “When we go on tours against D1 teams, it’s pretty challenging. We do our best to stay conditioned during practice to not get tired.”

When asked about challenging games White explained, “When the game gets tough, we try to come together and try to talk about our strategy. We also try to bring that communication onto the court,” he said.