Cypress Grad Is Now Newest Science Teacher


photo by Brianna Park

Ms. Kim has returned to Cypress to teach chemistry.

by Brianna Park, Features Editor

Cypress High has a new chemistry teacher, Ms. Kim. Legally, she is Margaret Lee because she got married over the summer. She hopes to get her last name to Lee by next school year.  

Kim shared that she has been confused with English teacher Mr. Kim, and occasionally gets his mail. Ms. Kim was a student teacher last year, but by chance she got to be an official teacher this year. She used to attend Cypress High and said that as a student, she enjoyed science because she learned about the world. She continued her education at UCSD with a science major and Cal State Fullerton for teaching credentials. She then moved to Cypress High as a teacher. Ms. Kim shared that her “goal is for students will have fun while they learn science.

Since there are not enough classrooms, Kim shares classes with Ms. Brunet, but surprisingly she enjoys that experience. Kim likes this because she can work with other teachers. Her passion and love for science and her curiosity about how the world works are sure to make this year a success.