Harry Styles Comes To Town


photo by Harry Styles Instagram

Harry Styles thrills his fans at a recent concert.

by Ruby Milburn, Staff Reporter

Pop culture icon Harry Styles began his Fine Line tour “Love On Tour,” on September 4, 2021.  After being postponed over a year due to Covid, Styles initiated his tour in Las Vegas, where he sported a new variation of his classic tour outfit, with a sparkly pink vest and pink pants.  Fans have been going crazy over the wardrobe for this tour, as well as the set list and special note changes during performances. 

The young star who began his career in boy band One Direction has gained support from all over the world, and fans are continuously coming up with creative ways to get his attention during shows.  Styles often interacts with his audiences and responds to signs his fans make.  One fan held up a sign saying she just got broken up with, to which Styles said, “I’m sorry,” and continued to sing the next lyrics of the song “Sign of the Times” to her which say “everything will be alright.”

The song “Fine Line,” a fan favorite, has been featured all over social media as audience members share their videos of Styles’ note change during this transcendent song.  Styles has also received elevated reactions from adding “What Makes You Beautiful,” by One Direction, along with “To Be So Lonely” to his setlist.  

Harry Styles super fan, and teacher here at Cypress, Mrs. Jennifer Davidson, discovered Harry during quarantine through watching videos of Harry performing with Stevie Nicks on his last tour.  She started watching his performances, and eventually listening to music from his band One Direction.  Davidson stated, “I hope he continues to be a performer because that’s his thing, he’s a rock star.” 

Supporters pursue Styles as he moves across the country and continues to amaze audiences with his exceptional charm and talent, and fans wonder if the conclusion of the tour will result in a new album release.