New Teacher Brings Hollywood Flair


photo by Talania Wilson

New P.E. teacher Mr. Stenberg used to be a Hollywood stunt man.

by Talania Wilson, Staff Reporter


This year Patrick Stenberg is a new P.E. teacher at Cypress High School. Before he started teaching he worked as a stunt double; you might have seen his work in Jurassic World

Before he got his P.E. teaching credentials in January, he taught stage combat for two years at the California School of Arts. He also taught P.E. online at Brookhurst Jr High. He transferred to Cypress because the position was available and he was also a student teacher with Mr. Hauge. Stenberg said,“I really enjoyed this school and was happy to come back.” Stenberg said Cypress kids are more involved in the school and they seem “excited to be here.” He loves and values movement, so that’s why he became a P.E. teacher. He has done martial arts, parkour, dance, gymnastics, and he really views movement as valuable. He says it is meaningful for people to know about movement, not only for health, but to show them that it could be fun. Some of his teaching goals are to add some of the more diverse movements, such as self defense, parkour, and some gymnastics skills. He likes the idea of teaching things that could be applied in real life, for example if you fall down, how to land safely. 

The whole P.E. department has been helping and supporting him with this transition.  Mr. Stenberg said they’re great and that they’re really fun. And lastly he says that he’s loving Cypress so far and thinks it’s a great school.