Back to School Night Welcomes Parents


photo by Anna Nguyen

There were many performances including Song & Cheer, band, and choir.

by Anna Nguyen, Staff Reporter

Parents visited the English Department near the 300 building. photo  by Anna Nguyen
The outdoor Open House style for Back to School night pleased a lot of parents. photo by Anna Nguyen

Cypress High School hosted its annual Back to School Night on Thursday, September 2, as an opportunity for parents to meet and speak to teachers and to learn a little bit about the classes their children are taking. 

Families gathered around the quad at the start of the event to watch performances from Song, Cheer, Band and Choir. Parents got to see them in action and cheer them on in support. These were followed by speeches from the school administrators, PTSA President, ASB President Joey Hannifin and Cypress Student Ambassador Eunice Kim as an introduction to the night’s event. An In-N-Out food truck was located by the gyms for any hungry families to purchase a meal from to support the PTSA fundraiser. ASB officer, Caroline Kraemer (12th), said, “We (ASB) worked hard with Mr. Pfeiffer to make sure the night would run smoothly so parents could have ample time to visit all the teachers and grab a yummy bite to eat.” 

This year’s Back to School Night was an outdoor self-guided tour to accommodate the Covid-19 guidelines, so each attendee was given a flyer with QR Codes and a map. The map showed where each department would be located, which was the little area where teachers stood by for parents and students to approach them with any questions they had. Cypress High School student, Natalie Sheng (11th), said, “I liked being able to walk around campus to show my parents where my classes were and it was a good way for them to meet my teachers.” The QR codes led to material or presentations teachers had to showcase to parents. Videos, Powerpoints and reading material popped up after scanning the QR codes. Mr. Molina, parent to a student at Cypress, reported that, “The school did a great job setting up the night, I was able to easily find all the class departments and speak with my daughter’s teachers. The kids who did performances and speeches earlier in the evening were a delight to watch, great to see school spirit.”