2021 NCAA College Basketball March Madness Championship


“Baylor Wins NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, ending Gonzaga’s perfect run” sportsnet.ca

by Rizwan Hussani, Staff Writer

The 2021 Men’s NCAA March Madness Tournament proved a sporting gala for college basketball fans as they remained glued to their seats and watched the fiercely contested encounters. There was plenty of excitement and undying thrill as the teams clashed in the court. A number of memorable matches, with UCLA beating Michigan and the Gonzaga vs UCLA encounter in which Jalen Suggs hit the game winner from halfcourt.

The Championship game was the icing on the cake. It was the Baylor vs Gonzaga Championship game. Baylor was an underdog and no one expected them to get this far. Both the fans and the media expected Gonzaga to win as they were one of the top teams in the tournament. They had also remained undefeated in their triumphant march to the championship game.

But Baylor downed them, winning the championship with an impressive score of 86-70. Jared Butler and Davion Mitchell were the two star players who gave off their best and remained outstanding, dashing from end to end on the court. Butler scored 22 points while Mitchell made 15. When the lights were bright and shining on the big stage and the two players were the focus of attention they played unmindful of the viewers’ gaze and managed to give a fine performance without choking. This is the first championship Baylor has won which is what makes it so special. On the other hand, Gonzaga underestimated their opponent and did not play good enough to win. Their star player Jaylen Suggs scored 22 points which was not enough to win the game.

There was limited attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a good sign as sports fans in the U.S. are now getting their vaccine shots. Even though this year has not yet seen full fan attendance, it is still better than having no fans at all. It was some consolation to see Baylor fans go to witness their team win and celebrate as champions in front of their eyes. Next season, hopefully it will be safe enough for full fan attendance at all games.

Baylor’s victory in the 2021 March Madness Championship shows why you should never underestimate the heart of a champion. They were underdogs but they used that as motivation to prove the doubters wrong. The coach and team’s hard work led to this crowning moment. They solidified themselves as the 2021 March Madness champions; this win will be remembered by many fans and players of the team.