WorkingIN; Photo Courtesy of Daily Herald

by Monica Badolian, Staff Writer

Ever since the coronavirus started back in March in 2020, many people have changed their diet. Some have put their binge eating habits aside and got to work, while others leaned toward comfort foods and Netflix. For those that were already active before may be having a difficult time currently. Without gyms, no equipment at home, no fitness classes or gym buddies, it may be hard to stay motivated. But with the coronavirus many people have shown that there are many workouts to do right from one’s home. 

Virtual classes or meetings have taken a big step since many places such as gyms, schools, and doctor’s offices have been closed. Many gyms, dance studios, and yoga studios are offering virtual live fitness classes through video platforms like Zoom. When joining a virtual class, one may feel more connected since there are other people around. If joining zoom classes isn’t the type of fit for one then there’s plenty of other options. There are many strength exercises a person can do with their body weight. These types of workouts include pushups, floor bridges, squats, single-leg balance, lunges, planks, chair dips, and so much more. Sometimes working out in one place can be tiring and boring, so one may build a circuit around their home or backyard. Incorporate sets of bodyweight exercises with rounds of cardio, for example jumping jacks or running in place. Many influencers on platforms like Youtube and Tik Tok have found fun ways to help engage their audience to work out. Some fitness mentors include Yoga with Adriene, Kayla Itsines, Carly Rowena, Demi Bagby, Antione Lokhorst, and countless others. 

Since some gyms such as Chuze Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, and Fitness 19 are currently open, they are taking precautions to make sure everyone is working out safely while there. “We need to maintain the facilities since the disease is easily spreadable, so we make sure that everyone is wearing a mask when they work out, and make sure that everyone is cooperating with disinfecting their equipment before and after they use it. As for us, staff, we make sure to enforce the rules and patrol to ensure everyone is safe,” said Beto Peinado, a Chuze Fitness associate. “It’s something new that took a lot of adapting to, we have to come in with a different mindset. We had to transition to something where we have limited contact with members and limited equipment we’re able to use. It’s interesting to see the transition and how many people are with the movement and are okay with wearing a mask while working out. It’s a big adjustment to everyone’s lives and workout routines.” Many fitness’ are putting up workout videos for people who are working out from their home. Whether one decides to go out or stay home to burn some calories, there are many choices to choose from.  While some people feel safe about exercising outside, others think it is still dangerous to go out. For those who are working in have many other options where one can be active when it comes to working out, whether it’s yoga, Zumba, cardio workouts, and strength training, there’s an exercise video out there for everyone. It’s important to change up the routine from time to time to stay engaged in working out. Exercising is especially important now because it reduces stress, prevents weight gain, boosts the immune system, and helps improve sleep. Whether one is moving at the comfort of their home or a gym, the main goal is to be safe.