What’s In Your Quarantine Playlist?


by Island Gutierrez, Staff Writer

With all the unjust and disturbing events under the spotlight this past year, along with the widespread pandemic forcing many to be in solitude, people have the opportunity to find serenity and euphoria through music. 

This nearly year-long quarantine is bringing down many people, being stressed from monotonous hours while having to cope with online schooling, being out of work, and losing loved ones. Music, however, is becoming a best friend of ours, offering us therapeutic moments to aid us through these times. 

We dove into this quarantine bumping R&B/Dream Pop on March 10th with the exhilarating album, After Hours, by The Weeknd. This album was highly anticipated after the February 19th drop of the album favorite, also called “After Hours.” Despite the emotional lyrics regarding heartbreak, the song’s upbeat rhythm inspired people to get up and dance. What an energetic way to start off a break we had no idea would last 10+ months. 

Mellowing us out, we had a few singles to simp to from our favorite since 2012, Frank Ocean. On March 25th, Frank blessed us with the angelic “Dear April’’ and “Cayendo.” Frank never fails to make his fans cry, but he definitely surprised us all in the best way possible when he revealed his spanish abilities in “Cayendo.” Frank unfortunately lost his brother, Ryan, in a car crash recently which could possibly lead to Frank leaving the music industry. 

Pop Smoke catered to and excited his fans even from the grave with the post-humous release of his album, Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, which dropped on July 3rd. The 56 minute album features some of this generation’s R&B and Rap favorites like Roddy Rich, Young Thug, PnB Rock, Gunna, Lil Tjay, and even 2000s’ favorite, 50 Cent. Spirits were definitely awakened by this captivating and diverse hip hop, R&B, and drill rap album. Rest in peace, Pop Smoke. 

J Cole fans were treated to a taste test of his anticipated album, The Fall Off, supposedly dropping this year, when he released the smooth hip hop and rap singles titled “The Climb Back” and “Lion King On Ice.” These two singles flawlessly displayed Cole’s artistry that has remained prevalent since his debut in 2011. Cole dropped these singles to make it known that regardless of his age or hiatus, his talent has not yet been spent. Hence the reference to a ‘king’ and ‘climbing back to the top’. It is clear this man’s flow and confidence never disappoints. 

More recently, fans of Kid Cudi, who dropped Man On The Moon III on December 11th, and Playboi Carti, who dropped Whole Lotta Red on December 22nd, have finally been able to breathe again after waiting impatiently for their next albums. Although we are all aware Cudi could never disappoint us, fans have other opinions on Carti’s album, which took him two years to concoct. 

The new favorite social media app, Tik Tok, has not failed to introduce us to some Rap and Pop songs that have definitely made it into people’s everyday routine. Songs by Megan Thee Stallion, Rico Nasty, Princess Nokia, Billie Eilish, and, recently, Olivia Rodrigo have skyrocketed up the rankings of the Billboards Hot 100, Spotify, and Apple Music. Not to mention, Ariana Grande thrilled her fandom and Tik Tok with her album release Positions

With all these beautiful vibrations at our disposal that can offer so much tranquility and delight, it’s comforting to know we can take solace in the music that we choose to listen to in these trying times