College Football

by Rizwan Hussain, Staff Writer

Just a few months ago, many doubts were expressed about the start-up of the 2020-2021 college football season, owing to the outbreak of the Covid-19 scourge. Many people were apprehensive that the season would be canceled as all related conferences kept on debating ideas and measures on how to start the season as well as keeping the players, coaches and fans safe. There were many rumors in sports circles about the cancellation of the season, leaving many college football fans seriously worried about not being able to cheer for their favorite teams. For months, fans had been waiting for the commencement of the college football season.

Happily, it has been lately confirmed that there will be a 2020-2021 college football season. The season has already commenced on an exciting note. And, there are indications the momentum and tempo will be maintained. According to an article by David Cobb and Barette Sallee, “the Big 12 and SEC have established minimum player thresholds requiring that teams have a certain number of players available at specific positions…the Big Ten and PAC 12 announced they plan to conduct daily testing, which should help programs identify positive cases quickly and reduce the burden of contract tracing.” The safety of the players is planned as is the continuity of the season.

Guidelines will mark a strategy to contain the spread of Covid-19 and ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy. The SEC conference has already given the green signal to begin play; they began on September 26th. The Big Ten is scheduled to return on the weekend of October 24th, and Pac-12 is planning a return on November 6th. With the season resuming, the college football playoffs schedule has also been announced.

The Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl will serve as the semifinal sites, both on the same day, January 1, 2021. Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida is where the College Football Playoffs National Game will take place on January 11, 2021. According to an article by Dennis Dodd, a member of the College Football Management Committee told CBS Sports, “We’re moving forward with the plan as originally scheduled [to play this fall].” This plan so far is going according to schedule. The season has successfully started and there is proper sanitation and guidelines to keep everyone safe.

College Football is watched by many Americans. The coronavirus outbreak raised many questions and doubts about the start of the season, but zestful planners made sure that the Covid-19 virus did not result in aborting the season. Hopefully, the 2020-2021 college football season, including the playoffs, completes on time as planned without stoppage of any kind, providing thrills and joy to excited spectators.