How Seniors Feel About Another Virtual Year


Cypress High Seniors Joshua Martinez and Sam Moffatt

by Julia Landry, Layout Editor

News that Cypress would be starting the 2020-2021 school year online was disappointing for this year’s senior class. After seeing last year’s graduates complete their final year of high school online, many were hoping COVID would dwindle out before August. 

Although it was discouraging, the news didn’t come as a shock to Cypress senior Joshua Martinez. ¨By the time it was announced everything had already been closed down for a long time, so I expected it,¨ he said. Regardless, the transition into completely virtual schooling was frustrating for students, ¨I wish more planning had been done to assist students in the transition. It was evident from last year the switch was really troublesome, but not much has been done in compensation,” Martinez said.

One of the biggest difficulties faced in virtual classes is the lack of proper communication and drive. ¨We can’t really interact with other students and I find it a lot harder to complete and turn in work. Grades are low, motivation is low, I personally don’t think students can handle more online school, it’s only the start of the second quarter, and I’m already burnt out,¨ says Martinez. Senior Sam Moffatt also finds communication to be a challenge, stating, ¨Breakout rooms are never used properly or used at all, it’s a waste of time and leaves everyone confused. Additionally, teachers are absolutely swarmed in emails, so I have had a hard time being able to contact them.¨ 

Unfortunately, because of the full virtual schedule, in-person first semester senior events are unlikely. ¨I am upset that we won’t be having a senior luau. It’s something that I have looked forward to since freshman year, and it has already passed,¨ says Moffatt. But it’s not just the lack of events that are disappointing Cypress seniors, as Martinez reflects,¨I miss a lot of the interactions I had or could have had if we were in actual school. But I do hope that before the end of the year we can go back so we can have a good senior year, and get to see everyone happy and healthy in real life again.¨

All things considered, the return of the student body to campus will not come until everyone’s safety and health is guaranteed. Until then, the senior class remains hopeful for a safe return come second semester.